[bozoid 2023] Intellectual property operation center approved

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A reporter from the Binhu District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau...

A reporter from the Binhu District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Wuxi reported that the State Intellectual Property Administration has officially approved the construction of the National Intellectual Property Semiconductor Industry Operation Center in Binhu District, Wuxi. It is the first national intellectual property operation center approved in Jiangsu Province.

[bozoid 2023] Intellectual property operation center approved

In response, the State Intellectual Property Office has established that the operation center can improve the stability and competitiveness of the industrial supply chain, integrate resources related to intellectual property services, focus on developing intellectual property service opportunities, create quality intellectual property, create high-quality design and effective Improve quality industrial development through implementation.

Sun Yuanhong, Director of Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Binhui District, Wuxi City, introduced that the center will innovate construction systems and mechanisms, and follow the path of "promoting innovation, asset operation, capital growth and industry integration". , establishes the center's core business structure, and accelerates the development of new and creative products and the industrial application of valuable patent projects in the first-generation information technology industry. It is said that the operation center will involve major domestic industrial enterprises, financial institutions, industrial investment funds and other parties to establish six service sectors: data service platform, comprehensive service platform, trading platform, investment operation platform, and financial services. platform and international cooperation platform.

At the same time, it will systematically carry out comprehensive tasks such as exploration, analysis and protection of intellectual property rights in important fields, support intellectual property capitalization and production of uniquely competitive industries, and accelerate the introduction of advanced technologies. and excellent talents. in the international market.

It is said that the district information industry cluster will realize business revenue of 10.53 billion yuan in 2022, an increase of 20.5% over the previous year. "Implementation of the State-level Intellectual Property Operation Center project will help Binhu accelerate the construction of the leading Taihu Science and Technology Innovation Zone, and will also promote the comprehensive integration of Wuxi and the Yangtze River Delta, integration and services. .National innovation-based strategy." said Wuxi Shanshui City Administration Shi Zhuang, deputy director of the Commission.

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